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Metaverse meets NFT + GameFi  = CheekyCorgi

CheekyCorgi are unique and randomly generated 2D/3D NFT social avatars living in the corgiland on blockchain.

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We innovate based on the best features from the successful NFT / Metaverse projects
8999 Genesis CheekyCorgi NFTs.
Generate 10,000 $SPLOOT
daily/ Genesis CheekyCorgi.
CheekyCorgi VX, Metaverse
experience and more.
Presale launching on Mintology
Mintology is a NFT launchpad and incubator for top NFT projects
Start 6 Dec 1200 UTC
How Many
Public Sale
Start 7 Dec 1200 UTC
0.04 ETH
5,000,000 SHIB
How Many
Exclusive Partnership
If you own any of below NFTs
Claim 1 CheekyCorgi for free

The Collection

Cheeky corgy character Cheeky corgy character Cheeky corgy character

About Us

CheekyCorgi is brought to you by corgi lover and made for corgi lovers. CheekyCorgi is all about the community and spreading love into the world.

There are total 8999 CheekyCorgi NFTs. #0001 is the alpha corgi, who is also our community lead (Pockythealpha). #0002- #0012 are legendary corgis which we will live them for auction after the initial minting. #0013- #0111 (total 99 NFTs) are reserved for corgi owners to claim for free (gas fees will need to be paid by owner) so that their beloved corgis will be living on the corgiland on blockchain forever. Another 300 CheekyCorgi NFTs are reserved for the team and marketing purpose. The rest NFTs (total 8588) are open for minting. Detail launch time to be announced.

We are also looking for dog rescue charities to donate part of the initial sales fund. Join our community on discord now for further information.

#0001 (1)
Alpha dog (Not for sale)
#0002-0012 (11)
Legendary (For auction)
#0013-0111 (99)
OG corgi (For corgi owner to claim)
OG corgi
(For corgi owner to claim)
#0112- #8999 (8888)
Genesis (For minting)


Level One

CheekyCorgi NFTs (total 8588 NTFs) open to minting (Join our discord and follow our twitter to get the detail information on the minting date/ time) . #0013- #0111 (total 99 NFTs) are reserved for corgi owners to claim for free (gas fees will need to be paid by owner). Click here to submit your claiming request. #0002- #0012 legendary corgis open for auction after the initial minting.

Level TWO

CheekyCorgi holder (including OG Corgi holder) will be rewarded with 10,000 Sploot token (ERC20) every day one week after public sale begins. Sploot token can be used for change your CheekyCorgi name and bio (100,000 Sploot token for each change). Proceeds from royalties to be voted and decided by NFT holders

Level three

CheekyCorgi VX (3D playable) will be released end of Dec, which is payable by $SPLOOT. After purchased, $SPLOOT will be burned to reduce the circulation. You can also purchase CheekyCorgi VX by ETH, USDT, USDC or SHIB

Level Four

To launch corgiland and further metaverse experience and integration in Q1, Q2 of 2022.

Team and Partners

CheekyCorgi believes in community and the network effect. Find out the team behind on www.mintology.studio, the World’s First Curated NFT Launchpad, where CheekyCorgi initial sale will take place.